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Testimonial: "Getting playing time is always tough for me but somehow I get the time to play your PC games and they are just what the doctor ordered. I even play when I am all tired out - it refreshes me- you have the best games on the planet!" K.V. Kushner MD July 29, 2016
Dear Internet Friend,
From: John Gleason
SSG's games are not games you play and then put them on the shelf so to speak - It's the opposite, you will play them for years!
I have played every game on this web site many many times and I can honestly say they are all great games that you will love to play!
Why they work, a good turn based game let's you step away from your every day happenings and engage your mind in something totally different!
This is beneficial, both physically and psychologically - because a good strategy game will cause us to relax and just concentrate on the game! It can be refreshing after a hard days work I have found.
So find yourself a great game to play today and enjoy!
Take a moment and read through the candid Testimonials!
Testimonial: Thank you for the game, I have been playing it every night after work literally for months and itís relaxation I need. My friend got one of your games and he told me he was enjoying it and couldnít believe how quickly he got it.
Thatís when I realized how you got such quick delivery of my game, very smart! I sent my sister a package the same way you do it and she had it in a couple of days and she lives 2000 miles from me. Thank you for the great game and service!
James Redick, Appleton,Wisconsin
Testimonial: Your auto-responder got me a great game, Thanks. I had never used one before and I learned BattleCry could be played as a turn based game and I have to say itís great and my Warlord Ė I named him (Slick) and I want to tell you he is slick and getting tougher with each game. Thank you for many months or probably years of fun. Bill Willoughby, New York, NY
Testimonial: I have been missing out, I had never played a strategy game in my life, I visited your web site and thought what the heck I will buy a game Ė What a surprise, I even have my wife playing the game. Thanks for opening up a new world of fun to me.
Miles Albaugh, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Testimonial: I have been playing strategy games for many years and I have to say, BattleCry II is in a class by itself, also I want to thank Steve Fawkner the developer and programmer, he has created a classic. James Stouffner, Minneapolis, MN
"A good turn-based strategy game will beat watching TV any time, I love your games, yes, I have my wife's permission."
William Wendell, Jr.

Here's why:
Turn based games have been Strategic Studies Group way of creating fun and entertainment for gamers now for over twenty years and it is still great fun for everyone involved.
We love turn based games Strategy Gaming! The same team of programmers and developers who started the company are still here, working each day to produce more best selling strategy games for you!
Is playing a good strategy game good for your health, you bet it is!
"No-Risk, Because every game on this web site is a Best Selling, Award Winning Game."
Steve Fawkner left medical school because he wanted to develop a game he had created, the first Warlords game and every game he has invented since then has been an award winner.
Artificial intelligence is a major part of game development and is where SSG has always gotten the Rave reviews.
Mr. Roger Keating SSG's chief programmer is a former math professor who has always been at the edge in his field and is often the the featured speaker when the A/I programmers meet, usually in England each year.
The truth is Mr. Keating is the reason SSG has been so successful while many of their competitors have fallen to the way side through the years.
Because the A/I is what makes the computer play smart and fun to play against! As you gamer's know, if is just no fun playing a solitaire game against a computer player that does not make it a challenge to win!
No turn based game goes out the door unless everyone on the team loves to play it and this is the secret behind their success If you have children, get them involved in strategy gaming - because it has been proven to increase ones ability to think logically! You have too, or you won't Win and everyone wants to Win!!

Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive
Quick delivery in the U.S. and to other countries at a good price! Worldwide Shipping, SSG ships turn based games all over the world.
You will pay no sales tax on your order.
The Quick And Easy Way To Save 34.8% Or More On Your Order. With One Step Ordering At Our Secure Server, It Will Take You About 3 Minutes.
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We've just made it even easier for you to enjoy everything we have to offer, here at SSGUS.COM!
"Total War Game Collection" for Macintosh turn based game If you own a Mac, don't pass this up 11 Best selling strategy and war Mac games + documentation for the price of one! Over a $500.oo Value if purchased separately.
"Warlords II Macintosh" turn based game Macintosh Strategy Gaming at it's best for you. More Worlds for you to conquer, More mighty Armies for you to make and More enemies for You to Vanquish. You will love this highly addictive Award Winning Game!

Carriers at War turn based games for Me, 2000, XP, Vista Award winning, Best selling computer war game for Pc Dos and Windows 95,98,200,XP, Vista is a New Release, must get game.

"Warlords II Deluxe" for Pc Dos and Windows 95 turn based games This pc game includes an upgraded original version + 60 new scenarios and a scenario builder! Warlords II Deluxe is the ultimate fantasy/strategy pc game.

Warlords III "Reign of Heroes" for Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista turn based games You'll love this award winning pc game, fun for the whole family whether your playing solitaire or online! Voted Best Turn Based Strategy Game of the Year.

"The Ardennes Offensive" Battle of the Bulge turn based games for Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista The best "Bastogne" simulation ever done! If you like army games for the computer you will love this classic campaign of WWII?

"Warlords II Darklords Rising" turn based games for Windows 95-98-XP-Vista For an online game or solitaire game you will love this one! This is the stand-alone sequel to the Award Winning Warlords III "Reign of Heroes"

"Warlords BattleCry" for Windows 95-98-XP turn based games A game you will love to play, on the internet, solitaire, this game is another Steve Fawkner award winner - it has it all!

"Warlords BattleCry II" For Windows 95,98,ME,2000, XP, Vista turn based games For an online game or solitaire game you will love this one! The Warlord's ultimate challenge for You!

You will find games here with the finest artificial intelligence for solitaire play, because this is why the games are always fun and challenging.
We ship turn based games all over the world - quickly - and at a good price!
"You may choose to be a Warlord, an Admiral or a General, your awarded game awaits you here."
Your order will be sent to you immediately. All of the games are in stock. You will receive a love note from our shipping department that your order is on it's way and You pay no Sales Tax on your order.
You get at least 10 times your money's worth!
SSG strategy games can last you a lifetime, because each scenario and battle will be new. What this would be worth to you can't be calculated, but it is worth a lot.
Each SSG programmed strategy game represents literally thousands of man hours to produce and this is the reason SSG only releases one to two games a year and the price you pay is well worth the game you will own and enjoy!

In summary, here's what you get:

You get a 30 trial of our software plus you will get your Game Manual Personalized with your Name on the cover, all the games come on CD! If you respond right away, you can save 36.8% or more, you pay only $39.95 $27.00.
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If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with our product, just contact us (or send the product back) within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings."
Here's how to order right now BECAUSE You are going to love your game!
Order your game by Secure Server, just click the button below or call 641 396-2184
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John Gleason, SSG
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